My Book

Leadership Starts (and Ends) in Your Head … the rest is detail

Save yourself two years of business school and several hundred thousand dollars—buy this book, skip the MBA.  –Mike M.

When I read this book, I didn't need the highlighter because each chapter was written succinctly and powerfully. –Faith B.

A manager looking for ways to improve should just keep this in the bathroom and read it over and over again as needed. And companies would be well-advised to make it required reading for all managers.  –Jeff T. 

The best hour that you can spend reading a book this year. –John R.

The book offers real-world experience and practical advice that’s actionable. –John M.

This book is a fast read that gives the reader the steps needed to move to true leadership. This is a simple decision-read it! -Brandt W.

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Whether you manage a department of three employees or an international organization with thousands of employees, one thing impacts your success more than anything else.

It’s all in your head. Success is all about your mental approach. The rest is detail.

Your time is valuable, so this book gets straight to the point.  In less than an hour, you will learn to embrace the mental side of leadership … where true leaders spend most of their time.

What are you waiting for?  Your future starts now!  Order your copy today!   amazon-app-logo1

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