Focus on what comes first…

Observe before questioning.

Listen before responding.

Understand before judging.

Think before deciding.

Visualize before starting.

Measure (twice) before cutting.

Give (without expectation) before receiving.

Discuss before negotiating.

Appreciate before departing.


3 thoughts on “Focus on what comes first…

  1. jc scott

    you rock mr dailey … you always have been a shining star … since i met you … ny those many decades ago … when you were in yer 20’s … you have always been a CEO … probably that way since birth i bet … and this blog (first time i heard about it and read it … gonna take me awhile to catch up) is part of the natural sequence of your constant upward journey to wherever it is you want to go … always knew you would get there …wherever “there” is … wherever you decide it is…. as you may know i have always considered your life in its entirety an example to all of the possible good that can come of one’s life on this swirling ball of dirt … when they make the right choices for themselves and their family (especially in light of all the political & social chaos being bantered about and forced into our lives for the sole purpose of controlling the thought processes of the masses) oh i digress! SO as a songwriter … your musings sound like lyrics to me … the inspiration leading to the thought process that enters into the creation of a song … the world needs the stuff you write about … stuff the world wants to hear … clear thoughtful emotionally charged original outside the box nonlemminglike view points … not talking points or preprogrammed propaganda influenced media mush … love it man … rock on mr dailey


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