Scrambled Eggs or Omelets?


Scrambling eggs is easy:

Whip a couple of eggs in a bowl

Pour the mixture in a heated pan, preferably over melted butter

Stir randomly until the eggs are cooked

Less stirring equals larger egg pieces.  More stirring equals smaller egg pieces.

Enjoy with Cholula.

What about omelets?  A little more complicated:

Determine what you want in your omelet

Slice-up and/or pre-cook (sauté) the filling ingredients

Whip a couple of eggs in a bowl

Pour the egg mixture in a heated pan

Let the egg mixture sit in the pan until mostly cooked


Add your filling ingredients

Fold the egg over the ingredients

Enjoy with Cholula.

The main ingredient (the humble egg) is the same for both.  The process you choose determines the outcome.

Scrambled eggs require very little planning.  The variation in outcome is based upon the amount of mixing during the cooking cycle.

Omelets require planning, decision making, preparation, patience, and finesse.  They also require practice, and the acceptance of potential failure.

If your omelets consistently come out scrambled, the egg isn’t the problem.

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