Inspiration is great, but…


When was the last time you were truly inspired?

Maybe you saw an inspirational movie, an awesome TED talk, or read an inspiring book. Maybe you had a great meeting with your boss. Maybe you have a brilliant idea that will change the world.

Inspiration can come from just about anywhere.

Inspiration is great, but is it enough? Does inspiration alone drive us to take action, to move toward our new future? Maybe, but probably not.

Inspiring thoughts quickly fade. Without action, inspiration is just another passing thought…soon forgotten.

Remaining in the status quo usually seems safer than taking action.

It’s almost a cliché: The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Inspiration is nothing until it’s coupled with your willingness to take action. To take the first step, and then the next.

Action is the fulfillment of inspiration, and often inspires others in the process.

What action are you taking today to pursue the things that inspire you?

3 thoughts on “Inspiration is great, but…

  1. We. See Hope

    Thanks for sharing this. A very inspiring piece of writing on Inspiration. It is true to say without taking action those inspiring thoughts do fade. It’s better to start today than it is tomorrow or the day after tomorrow because every little thing you do now inches you closer to a better tomorrow. Thanks.

  2. LeisureFreak Tommy

    For me breaking past the status quo is the first task or action. I sometimes have to force myself to leave my comfort zone. I have been inspired many times and then delayed action and as you say it quickly fades which then means nothing happens from it. I have learned that I have to take immediate action if I want to leverage the power of inspiration to push me along and keep me motivated.


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