Perception is Reality

The scene:  A late afternoon hike as the sun begins to set.

View 1–through the eyes of someone mourning the loss of a loved one

Lengthening shadows descend upon the forest floor.  The never ending dance of day and night continues without interruption.  Glorious palettes of color and texture give way to an infinite collection of shadows and silhouettes.  Plaintive moans emanate from the forest as trees sway against the wind’s relentless onslaught.  Each is alone in the crowded forest to persevere as they must.

The air is thick with the smell of decay.  Death wins another battle in its perpetual war with the living.  The breeze carries hints of a familiar perfume from years past.  A reminder of a life of joy, a life of sorrow, a life of love.  In the darkness, there is only one sound.  The beats of a broken heart.  A companion to the mournful wail of a distant coyote, howling at a moon not yet risen.  He cries for an answer that will never come.  A far off dream in a long cold night has just begun.

View 2–through the eyes of someone who has just met the love of his life

Afternoon sun caresses the forest floor through pin holes in a daylight curtain.  Daffodils and honeysuckles dance in its warming light.  The fresh smell of pine fills the spirit.  The trail ahead is clear, as the forest welcomes its newest guest.

The air is filled with the sounds of bird song.  A cool breeze rustles through the trees.  It carries a salty hint of a distant shoreline and a barefoot walk, holding hands.  The horizon is a view into infinite possibilities.

Which description is accurate?  Both, depending on the perspective of the traveler.

Reality is shaped by the perspective and attitudes of those experiencing it.  Taken another way, perception is reality…

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